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Usually, I can offer an 'educated guess' to wildlife behavior. Here, there's a myriad of possibilities of
why this GBH was 'cozying' up to the Cormorant???

Great Blue Heron.

According to Wiki GBH's are not only found over most of North and Central America,
the Caribbean, Azores, southern Europe but also, amazingly (to me), the Galapagos islands. Imagine that!
More interesting facts here.


A striking bright orange colored "Chicken of the woods" mushroom caught my eye at the Federated Women's Club parking lot.
While 'setting up' for a good shot I nearly stepped on this inconspicious Continarius mushroom.
Searching, I discovered hundreds of mushrooms in this genus.
The closest match I could find is this one.

(This is only the second purple mushroom I've ever seen in my life. The other was in the area of East Fever brook.)