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I thought it was so unusual to see a Carolina Wren at a feeder that I posted it.
A friend, who identified it for me, told me they come to his Mom's feeder in Athol also.
A series of recorded vocalizations, here.


Another picture from the archives, circa 2004. I'll never forget it.
I had hiked down the back side of this Beaver pond. Just looking across. And the otter just popped out of the hole.


Just one of those views that caught my eye. All frozen over now.
When I was a cub scout, eon's ago, I spent a week at Camp Wanocksett in Dublin, NH.
Sagees island was the domain of an old Sage. He hated kids so we were cautioned to avoid venturing out there.
The story was greatly embellished, designed to scare us half to death! Such fun!


"Genious of the Swamp", (Great Blue Herons) by Dale Monette. Well researched. Beautifully written. Exquisite photos.

"Available now at: Trailhead in Orange, Haley's in Athol, Petersham Country Store, New Salem General Store,
Toadstool bookstores in Peterborough, Nashua, Keene.

(Currrently $29.95, but an increase is being considered due to increased printing costs.)