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The only times I've ever seen a Towhee in a bush is when a male is singing to attract a female.
Most of the time Eastern Towhee's are on the ground scratching for insects.
A quick read on Towhee's here.


There are only two "true" toads. American and Fowler.
The Fowler has a clear white chest, which makes this one, therefore, an American toad.
This informative link, nicely explains the difference.


Right now, at the intersection of G-35 with G-33 road, two species of pretty, fragrant, lilacs can be seen, both purple and white.
Lilacs are long-lived flowers. So it is not unusual to see bushes throughout Quabbin from plants that are 60-plus years old.

Note the adjacent cellar hole. The family is long gone, but the lilacs remain. A poignant reminder of what once was here.
The Intruder

Update: The Raven chicks have fledged. Two last Tues., the other two, Thursday. No word on wildflower i.d.