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On the way to Gate 36, Song Sparrows flittering in bushes and on the ground.
These cute little birds will be seen all through winter, foraging for seeds and berries.
This past week I've seen more of them coming to the feeders. Source.


Most Yellowlegs have migrated by now. But, as Audubon points out, "A few may linger in the north late in the season."
This photo is a really good example of a Greater Yellowlegs. The long beak,
one and a half times the width of its head. (Lesser Yellowlegs are much shorter, about the same width of its head.)
I know you can search the net yourself. But, I figure if I can make it easier you may be more favorably inclined to seek enlightenment????
I think??? I could be wrong? I've been wrong before. One source here.


If you've ever hiked to Quabbin via Gate 36, you'll recognize this scene.
Just inside the gate before the steep hill. A great time of year to enjoy a walk to Quabbin.