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Eastern bluebirds typically perch on wires and fence posts. This one on a powerline crossbeam fastener where it could spot insects from 60 feet.
The most fascinating thing I found was about naturalist John Swainson, who named Sialia sialis in 1827.
He was born in England. Traveled to Brazil and New Zealand where he died in 1855.
A really good read of this fascinating man, here.


Here's one for you: Porcupine defense mechanism is called Aposematism.
Aposematism is the advertising of an animal to potential predators that it's not worth attacking or eating.
If ever we meet I will ask you the meaning of aposematism. If you do not know you will be forever banned from this site.
(Kidding, as I don't use cookies and have no idea who you are or where your from? And likely won't remember either?)
Anyhow, more good stuff, here.


Tiger Swallowtails fly from Spring to Fall having two to three broods. It is the state butterfly of Alabama.
Blue spots on the wing identify this one as a female.
They take nectar from many species. The species in the image is 'Button bush'.
A bunch of very interesting information, here.