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I think this Red squirrel is wondering,"Where'd all the seeds go?"
Often I'll search a few reference sites before finding one that's not a college course.
I really like this one by "Animalia bio". It has pics, vids., but most worthy is the easy to read text.


I should say that the temp. was taken from the car when I parked. No doubt it rose a few degrees at the site. Still, very cold.
Another good example for research strategy: I started with "Wikipedia", a respected source...usually.
Wiki says Chipmunks hibernate in winter and are not seen 'til Spring. However, I've previously read differently.
In the winter, from what I've seen and read, they go into a state of semi-hibernation, called "Torpor".
Pic shows a very healthy looking chipmunk fully awake. Possibly having relieved itself and maybe seeing if there's any fresh food to be found???


Not much more to add. Lovely morning. Quite cold, light breeze. Long John's, long-sleeved shirt, sweatshirt, insulated jacket. Good to go. If any interest, 87.