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Ribbon Snake. G-36 Beaver Pond. All about from MA Wildlife.


When the wind is whipping and waves are crashing against the rocks, the eagle is in its glory.

One of my top ten favorite shots. Pure luck. Right place, right time.
The Quabbin Eagle story with photo's by Dale Monette and the late Bill Byrne, MA Wildlife photographer.

Few people know that Dale was intimately connected to the Eagle Hacking Program.
He, and one other person, were responsible for feeding and caring for the Eaglets 'til they fledged.

Eastern Red Columbine.


"Genious of the Swamp", (Great Blue Herons) by Dale Monette. Well researched. Beautifully written. Exquisite photos.

"Available now at: Trailhead in Orange, Haley's in Athol, Petersham Country Store, New Salem General Store,
Toadstool bookstores in Peterborough, Nashua, Keene.