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Swamp sparrows are showing up now. If you sit still you'll find them to be fairly tolerant of your presence.
There's a pair along the beach at G35. Also, often seen at G37 Beaver Pond. Interesting reading, here.


The long 'beard' is indicative of a Tom, a mature turkey. Yearling turkeys, Jakes, are identified by their shorter 'beard'.
Did you know some females may also sport a 'beard'? The brown color, short size makes the difference.
More on that, here,and, here,and, here.


It's fun, for me, to wander through memories of olden days. Many enthralling gems dwell there.


"Genious of the Swamp", (Great Blue Herons) by Dale Monette. Well researched. Beautifully written. Exquisite photos.

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Toadstool bookstores in Peterborough, Nashua, Keene.

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